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MBS ENTERPRISE provides operation and maintenance services for malfunctioning of transformers not only being transported to the works but also provides the same at site.  
We are equipped with streamline filter m/c, centrifuging type filter m/c and sparkler purification m/c where in we have specialized in purifying the transformer oil along with raising the Insulation resistance of core and winding.

  • Filtration of Transformer Oil.
  • Hot jet wash to remove sludge* formation without removing the core from tank.
  • Arresting leakages of transformer oil from any part of the transformer.
  • Leakage at the radiators due to poor handling or rusting.
  • Leakage due to wearing out of  butterfly valve, drain valve, filter valve.
  • Leakage from the top cover, inspection cover due to wearing out of gasket.
  • Leakage from the busing and studs #
  • Providing all type to accessories for transformers.
  • Testing of transformers at site with all routine test.
  • Removal of any type of alien metallic material fallen inside the main tank due to poor workmanship, neither by removing the core /winding nor draining out the transformer oil.
  • Stopping of mild smoke coming from the studs.
  • Due to continuous operating of the transformer there is formation of sludge in the transformer oil, this sludge has to be removed for better cooling and insulation property thus increasing the life of the transformer.
  • Leakage at the studs takes place due to over heating of the stud (main reasons being over loading or loss connection of the terminals at the stud) which results in wearing out of the rubber sealing
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