The different Engineering

MBS ENTERPRISE designs, constructs, tests and provide operation and maintenance toil to all its customers.   Transformer construction follows similar principles for units rated from a few kVA up to the largest sizes manufactured, but as the unit size increases a greater degree of sophistication becomes justified. Thus MBS ENTERPRISE subdivide its construction activities into ‘distribution’ and ‘power’, although exactly where each one makes this division varies widely. Usually the dividing line depends on the weight of the major components and the type and size of handling facilities which are required in the factory.

The company is specialized in repairing and manufacturing of all type of

  • Power Transformers
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Auxiliary Transformers
  • Arc Furnace Transformers

And is specialized in repairing of all type of

  • Current Transformer
  • Switchgears
  • Battery Chargers

All the MBS Enterprise transformers which are been provided to the customers under goes rigorous testing procedure at every step, preventing malfunction at any cost.

Testing of the transformers are done as per the Standard  Routine tests

  • High Pressure Test.
  • No-Load test.
  • Transformer Turn Ratio / Phase angle deviation
  • Polarity test & core balance test
  • DVDF (Double Voltage Double frequency) Test.
  • Winding resistance.
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Testing of Transformer Oil.
  • On-load tap changers, where ever appropriate 

Type tests
Type tests are tests made on a transformer which is representative of other transformers to demonstrate that they comply with specified requirements not covered by routine tests.

  • Temperature rise test
  • Noise level test
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