“Quality Product, Quality Performance and Quality Service.”

Mr. Bhagat Singh Virdee

Today’s business environment is characterized by powerful forces of change – far reaching and continuing developments in science and technology; increasing integration of the world’s economies; intense competition with a continuing stream of new players and incumbents fighting to protect their territories; a flurry of new products and services in industry after industry and major social changes all over the world. Electronics and Electrical; IT and software; entertainment; telecom; pharmaceutical and banking and financial services are some examples of industries which have been experiencing such forces. The work of managers and organizational leaders in such environments is extremely challenging but also rewarding.  Those who aspire to become organizational leaders in today’s environment will need to acquire specialized knowledge, skills and attitudes.


 At MBS ENTERPRISE under the channel guidance of knowledgeable engineers, all the skilled technicians are fully committed to the implementation and continual improvement of the quality management system and shall only produce work of highest standards of quality and workmanship commensurate with the work undertaken. 

We recognize the principal elements in sustaining market leadership to be : “Quality Product, Quality Performance and Quality Service.” It is our objective, therefore, to ensure that customer’s requirements, once agreed, are fulfilled in every respect – ‘Right First Time’. At MBS ENTERPRISE we look forward that every task we undergo and every service we provide to our customers must leave a mark of never fading bond of trust and faith. We believe in continuous learning and the application of the new age requirement in the field of electrical and electronics, to ensure that our end products and services can represent our acceptance and commitment to run along with the fast and continuous changing technology.

I hereby declare that we will see to that all our empowered team will be loyal to a total customer/client satisfaction and value addition.

Bhagat Singh Virdee 

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