Different Engineering We do!

MBS ENTERPRISE designs, constructs, tests and provide operation and maintenance toil to all its customers. Transformer construction follows similar principles for units rated from a few kVA up to the largest sizes manufactured, but as the unit size increases a greater degree of sophistication becomes justified.

Why Choose MBS?

To introduce our self we as a company, MBS ENTERPRISE is established in year 1976 for the repairing of the Distribution Transformers for West Bengal State Electricity Board and  since then the company has been taking up all type of challenges in the field of High Voltage works. 
The company is spread in a area of 18750 sq ft along NH-6 at Rakhjungle, Kharagpur.
This journey of about 33 years in the field of high voltage has given us immense confidence to come forward 

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Our Services

MBS ENTERPRISE provides operation and maintenance services for malfunctioning of transformers not only being transported to the works but also provides the same at site.

We are equipped with streamline filter m/c, centrifuging type filter m/c and sparkler purification m/c where in we have specialized in purifying the transformer oil along with raising the Insulation resistance of core and winding.ve.

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